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Centrepay Deductions Form

Sometimes, it’s easier to budget for your bills by paying them fortnightly.

If you’d like to include fortnightly payments directly from Centrelink, you can find the Centrepay form here or fill in the form below


I authorise Solstice Energy Retail to advise Centrelink:
  • To make the nominated deduction each fortnight from my current Centrelink payment(s) in respect of my agreement with Solstice Energy Retail.
  • Of my correct account or billing number, if required.
I give permission for Centrelink to pay the amounts directly to Solstice Energy Retail. I understand that:
  • It is my choice to have the amounts deducted from my Centrelink account and that I can change or cancel the deduction at any time by contacting Solstice Energy Retail or Centrelink.
  • If I transfer to another eligible Centrelink payment in the future that my current deductions will continue.
  • If I finalise my Solstice Energy Retail account I must stop my Centrelink deduction. If I do not, Solstice Energy Retail will instruct Centrelink to stop the deduction.
  • Centrelink will notify me of any changes to my deduction details, including changes requested by Solstice Energy Retail.
  • I understand that if my deductions from my Centrelink benefits are cancelled for any reason, I am still required to make the agreed repayments on my arrangements to pay by installments.
  • My consent will be noted on my account with Solstice Energy Retail.
Your personal information is protected by law. Centrelink may give your information to Solstice Energy Retail for the purposes of:
  • Checking your account number and amount you want to pay.
  • Reconciling your payment deduction details.
Solstice Energy Retail may give your personal information to Centrelink for the purposes of:
  • Establishing a Centrepay agreement to make payments on your arrangements to pay by installments
  • Setting a target amount, equal to your current agreed payment plan, for the Centrepay deduction
  • Updating deduction or target amounts as required
You may correct or update your personal information by contacting Solstice Energy Retail.

Account Number

Primary account holder

Connection address

Centrelink details