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Payment Support

We understand our customers sometimes have trouble paying their energy bills.

If that’s the case for you, we want to help! We have a great range of support options that are free, confidential and designed to help you get back on track with your energy bills, repay your overdue bills and lower your ongoing usage costs.
You’re eligible for the program if you’re a customer who might be suffering difficulties which could arise from:
  • A sudden loss or change in income.
  • A serious illness, disability or death in the family.
  • A separation, divorce, or family crisis.
  • Domestic violence – please see our
    Family Violence Policy, here.
  • other unforeseen circumstances.
Whatever your personal circumstances, we’re here to help and you can contact us Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm on 1800 750 750 to discuss your options with our friendly and understanding team.
We can talk through:
  • Payment methods
  • Your financial situation and what you can afford to pay – we’ll tailor the program to your personal needs.
  • Estimates of your future energy costs and advice on how you can lower them with tips and ways to monitor your usage.
  • Flexible payment arrangements including bill smoothing, payment plans and referrals to support organisations that may be able to help with financial counselling.
  • Your eligibility for
    Government Concessions and Grants.
We might also discretely and sensitively contact you if we notice that you’re showing signs of financial stress based on for example, high energy use or frequently overdue accounts. We’d like you to help us help you by:
  • Working with us to find ways to use less energy and pay your bills.
  • Letting us know if anything changes for you.
  • Making your payment plan repayments on time and in full, or contact us if you can't make the payments
We’ll keep your information confidential and abide by our Privacy Policy.

Flexible Payment Arrangements

We abide by the Energy Retail Code of Practice, which means we offer payment options to help you with budgeting. They’re outlined in detail in our Customer Payment Support Policy. The options are:
Bill Payment Extension
We offer an extension of up to 10 days if you need more time to pay. Call us on 1800 750 750 or fill in a Payment Extension Form.
Short Term Payment Plan (for single bills)
If you’re having trouble paying your bill, call us on 1800 750 750 and we’ll talk through payment plan options that allow you to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly until your next bill.
Bill Smoothing (for multiple bills)
If you’d like to organise a long-term payment plan that lets you pay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, give us a call on 1800 750 750. The amounts can be based on an estimate of your annual usage.
Direct Debit – set and forget!
You can arrange for an amount to be regularly deducted from your account. If this is convenience you’d like, fill in this Direct Debit Form to set it up.
Centrepay Deductions
Centrepay is a bill-paying service offered free for Centrelink customers. The quickest way to set this up is to organise your deductions through your Centrelink account on
You can see the full details of how we manage complaints by reading our Complaints Policy. And if you’re still not happy you can lodge a complaint with the
Energy Ombudsman