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What if I can’t pay my bill?

We’re here to help. We understand our customers sometimes have trouble paying their energy bills. No judgment, just a great range of options to help to get you back on track.
The easiest way is to call and speak with one of our friendly service team on 1800 750 750. But, if you’re not comfortable speaking to us, you can also;
  • email us at info@solsticeenergy.com.au;
  • chat online at www.solsticeenergy.com.au; or
  • if you just need a bit more time, request a
    payment extension
    via our website.
More information is also available here:

How can I pay my bill?

Easy! Just choose one of the options below...
Direct Debit
Perhaps the easiest bill payment option ever invented!
Set it up now and never think about it again!
You can choose to pay monthly, fortnightly or simply the full amount of the bill on the due date.
Use your internet banking to pay your bills or set up regular payments.
BPay biller code:120246
BPay reference number: this is listed in the How to Pay section of your bill
Credit Card
Have your Visa or Mastercard ready and
Call us on 1300 313 346.
Job done!
In Person
Love your local Australia Post office?
Show them your bill and pay with cash or EFTPOS.

Can I get my statement electronically?

Of course! Get in touchand we’ll sort it out in no time.

How do I disconnect?

Moving out or just moving on?
We’re sorry to see you go.
There are some important details that we need to know to make sure it all goes smoothly.
Please contact us and we’ll start the process.

How can I save energy (as well as some money)?

Here are our top ten tips for saving energy and saving you money!
  • Insulate your house and stop drafts coming through windows and doors.
  • Use a thermostat and set a maximum temperature of 20 degrees on all your heating appliances.
  • Reduce the temperature of your hot water. Even 1 or 2 degrees will help.
  • Only heat the rooms you are going to use.
  • Make sure all your appliances are up to date, serviced and operating efficiently.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Limit the baths you take and have shorter showers.
  • If you're using gas, check the flame is blue. If it’s yellow, get it checked.
  • Repair dripping hot water taps and use water saving shower heads.
  • Only install outdoor heaters in sheltered areas.

What about safety?

Gas has been used in Tasmania for over 20 years. Its use is well regulated, and incidents are rare. However, there are important things to remember whenever you’re using gas.
  • If you smell gas, trust your instincts and don’t ignore it, call Gas Emergencies on 1802 111.
  • We strongly recommend you only use licensed gas fitters for all installation, servicing, maintenance and removal of gas appliances.
For a list of Solstice preferred gas fitters please get in touch.
  • Always make sure rooms are well ventilated. Gas is lighter than air and if there is a leak it will normally dissipate through natural ventilation.
  • Don’t use appliances designed for the outdoors inside your house.
  • Don’t remove safety devices or guards from appliances.
  • Make sure your appliances are regularly cleaned and any waste is removed.
  • Don’t use flueless appliances in confined, poorly ventilated areas.

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