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Gas Safety Information

Gas has been used in Tasmania for over 20 years.

Its use is well regulated, and incidents are rare.
However, there are important things to remember whenever you’re using gas.
  • If you smell gas, trust your instincts and don’t ignore it.
  • We strongly recommend you only use licensed gas fitters for all installation, servicing, maintenance and removal of gas appliances.
For a list of Solstice preferred gas fitters please get in touch.
  • Always make sure rooms are well ventilated. Gas is lighter than air and if there is a leak it will normally dissipate through natural ventilation.
  • Don’t use appliances designed for the outdoors inside your house.
  • Don’t remove safety devices or guards from appliances.
  • Make sure your appliances are regularly cleaned and any waste is removed.
  • Don’t use flueless appliances in confined, poorly ventilated areas.