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Solstice Energy

Solstice Energy is a diversified energy business based in Tasmania offering retail electricity and natural gas, as the state’s leading natural gas company with over 20 years’ expertise in gas transmission, distribution, transportation and retailing.
With offices in Launceston and Hobart, and operations that span Tasmania, and regional Victoria, Solstice Energy is driven by its customers’ current and future needs with a clear vision to support Australia’s transition to a cleaner energy future as a diversified energy business.
As part of our future energy pathway, Solstice Energy is exploring the possibilities that exist with hydrogen and biomethane. We want to work together with our communities so that we can continue to provide safe, reliable and continuous fuel options for our customers.
Solstice Energy Holdings is the parent company for Solstice Energy Retail, Tas Gas Networks (TGN), Gas Pipeline Victoria (GPV), Regional Energy Victoria (REV) and Gas Networks Victoria (GNV). Solstice Energy is proud to be a majority Australian-owned entity under the management of FAFM (Foresight Australia Funds Management). FAFM manages assets throughout Australia with most owned by Australian super funds with a commitment to a sustainable energy future.

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